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Whether your roof is large or small, repairing a roof or replacing with a new roof is our specialty!

marquis roofers repairing a roofThe first step in installing a new roof is to remove the old roof. This is ideal, as as it gives us the ability to inspect the plywood and integrity of the roof underneath. However, in certain case we can shingle over the old roof, which can save a little on cost, however in general it is not a good idea.

marquis roofers beginning underlaymentAfter stripping off the old roof, we will begin laying underlayment. We begin with laying ice and water shield, a rubberized membrane that is virtually impenatrible to water. We place use ice and water shield 6 feet up from all edges, up and in all valleys, and around all roof vents, chimneys, exhaust pipes, and skylights, to insure a water tight bond with no leaks.

Marquis Roofers laying shinglesThe shingles are then layed out in nice, even rows using 6 nails per shingle.

Marquis Roofers installing an aluminum drip edgeOn the edge we will install an aluminum drip edge that will insure water will properly run off the roof, and not under the shingles or down your siding. This is very important.

We will also usually install a ridge vent along the top ridge of the house to insure proper airflow in the attic. This is necessary to keep the attic cool, and also to prevent ice dams, which are especially prevalent here in New Hampshire.

A finished roof by Marquis RoofersWhen we are done our goal is to clean up so well you never know we were there! We gather all the scraps, and usually have a dumpster on site. The most important thing is to get up all the nails, and while we get most of them at the time the shingles are removed, the rest are picked up at the end by rolling a special magnet machine over your property, beds, driveway, and grass to pick up all the nails.

When we are done you will have one beautiful roof!

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