Ice Dams? We Offer Roof Snow Removal Service Too!

Ice Dams? We Offer Roof Snow Removal Service Too!

As one of the premier roofing companies in New Hampshire, our team at Marquis Roofing understands the need for customer dedication. By providing the ultimate, full-service experience, we create long-lasting relationships. That said, we also believe that educating our customers is a crucial part of the equation. Understanding your roof and how to properly for it is vital to performance and longevity. Here, we take a closer look at roof snow removal and how the task provides more benefits than most people expect.


What are ice dams?

In New England, there’s one inevitable thing during the winter; there will be snow. Although some homes are equipped with steeply sloping roofs that allow snow to slide off naturally, others are not. Thus, snow buildup occurs. Once the sun warms the snow enough to melt, the water drips to the edge. 

However, cold air and remaining snow may block the water from dripping off the edge of the roof. If this blockage occurs, the water refreezes and results in an ice dam.


Can ice dams cause damage to my roof?

Put simply, yes. If a ridge of ice forms along the edge of your roof, water is prevented from draining. However, the water needs to go somewhere. Over time, the water backs up and may eventually begin leaking into your home. Whether the water leakage enters through cracked flashing or broken shingles, you may face costly home repairs in the spring.  


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Does homeowner insurance cover damage caused by ice?

Although most homeowners’ policies cover some extent of damage caused by ice and water damage, not all do. It’s always best to contact your provider and inquire about the coverage you currently have.


Roof snow removal for the win.

If you have a roof prone to snow accumulation, staying ahead of the game is crucial. If it’s safe to do so, shoveling your roof is the best way to prevent ice dams. However, hiring a professional for roof snow removal is always the safest path.


This winter, stay ahead of the game and contact Marquis Roofing. Beyond expert roof installation and replacement service, our team excels in roof snow removal as well!

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