Is Your Roof Damaged? Here are 3 Signs


May 10, 2022

The roof on your home is one of the most important elements of your dwelling for weather protection and overall safety. Because a roof system plays such an essential role, ensuring that it remains intact and fully functional is critical.

Anything that compromises the condition of the roof can have a negative impact on the rest of your home so it’s important to address them immediately.

While roofs can last many years, it’s important to know the age, condition, and any other issues that are occurring.  If you suspect there is damage or a larger issue to address, call a professional roofer to get a closer look at the roof and give you expert advice on what is needed.

If you’re not sure whether or not your roof is damaged, here are 3 signs that there is an issue present.

1. Leaks

One of the most visible signs for homeowners that something could be going on with the roof is leaks and stains on your ceiling. While there could be a number of different sources for a leak (pipes, overflowing toilet) if the stains are up high on the ceiling, chances are it’s the roof. Because of the damage and mold that can grow from a constant drip of water happening, it’s important to get it remedied.

2. Visible Shingle Problems

Even without getting up on the roof, you may be able to tell that it’s time to have a roof repair or replacement done just by looking up. If you can see visible issues with the shingles themselves – like moss and algae growing on them, curling of the shingle, or even missing spots where there once were shingles present, then it’s time to call a professional in.

3. Sagging Roofline

Another very obvious way to spot an issue is a sagging roofline. While structural issues can create sagging, many times, heavyweight from ice, snow or even heavy winds can be the culprit. Another common reason for a sagging roofline is too many layers of shingles added to the roof. All of this extra load can cause structural issues that are dangerous and should be addressed.

Need Help With Your Roof?

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