Roof Replacement: The Inevitable Time Has Come. Now What?


December 1, 2022

Let’s face it; owning a house or commercial property isn’t easy. Just when you think you are ahead, something goes wrong. For example, regardless of what type of building you own, roof replacement is an inevitable task. Often, this task comes at the least expected and least opportune time. So, now what?

With decades of expertise and experience, the professionals at Marquis Roofing are here to keep your life as simple as possible with the highest quality services in the region. Here, we take a closer look at a few things you should know when taking the journey to replace your roof.


Considering your options.

One of the first steps in roof replacement is considering the available options. While your asphalt roof held out for many years, chances are, new technologies and applications have arisen. Do yourself a favor and explore what is new. Knowing what is available, and which option works best for your budget and long-term roofing goals is essential. By considering things like longevity, maintenance requirements, and expense, you can quickly narrow down the material selection to what is best for your needs.


Don’t overlook the extras.

Even if your budget is small, considering the added elements will always work out in your best interest. For example, flashing is a material used to direct water away from areas of your roof, like the chimney or valleys between peaks. The most common type of metal flashing used by roofers is steel; however, options like copper may provide more of what your home requires. Be sure to explore every option available before deciding against the extras.


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Call in the roof replacement experts.

While many residential and commercial property owners know to call in the experts, many opt for the DIY route. At Marquis Roofing, we are a bit biased. However, we can tell you from experience that DIY generally does not work out the way it was intended. Please do yourself a favor and contact our team to explore your options before starting on your roofing journey!


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When the time arrives, that roof replacement is required, choosing the best roofing company is imperative. At Marquis Roofing, our experienced professionals are committed to providing residential and commercial customers the highest quality roof installation services available in New Hampshire.

For more information on roof replacement for your home or business, please contact Marquis Roofing today by calling 603-825-4140.

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