Why Metal Roof Installation is Ideal for Winter Weather

All those who live in New England are aware that the winter season can be extremely hard on roofs. Here at Marquis Roofing, we offer a solution that can help to minimize damages, heat loss, and maintenance. Our team is the leading expert when it comes to metal roof installation. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider metal roof installation this winter.


standing seam metal roofing


Optimal Strength with Less Weight

Unlike other roofing options, metal roofs are extremely light. However, don’t be fooled. Although they are lighter, their strength bypasses others. Due to their lightweight nature, metal roofs are also faster and easier to install! Since they are not as heavy as shingles, they require less reinforcement. Additionally, they are often applied and secured in much larger pieces which speeds up the installation process. Therefore, you can have it all – strong roofing with a quick installation that is lighter than the rest. 

Reduced Snow and Ice Accumulation

One of the most common causes of roof damage in the winter is snow and ice accumulation. While every roof will allow some snow buildup, metal roofs allow very little. Due to the design of the roof, the metal allows the snow to simply slide right off. This not only cuts down on damage to the structure of your home but also minimizes ice dams! Other roofing options can allow build-up which can result in costly damages. Additionally, metal roofs cut down the amount of roof shoveling. This low-maintenance roofing option is the ideal choice, especially in New England. 

Save Money on Heating Costs

Winter’s in New England can be brutally cold and the last thing you want is to lose precious heat from your home. Metal roofs can help minimize heat loss! The majority of your heat is lost through your roof since traditional roofing is unable to seal the heat in as well. As the heat in your home rises, it escapes through your roof. Metal roofs offer high energy efficiency. They create a barrier that stops heat loss so you aren’t paying for heat that will escape. 

Metal Roof Installation Services at Marquis Roofing

If you live in New England, it isn’t difficult to understand why metal roofs are such a great choice. Here at Marquis Roofing, we offer professional and honest metal roof installation services! Our metal roofing will save you money in heating and cooling costs and minimize snow build-up with its strong lightweight design. 

For more information about our metal roof installation services, contact us today and let our experts provide you with the honest answers you are looking for.



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