Why You Should Consider Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

Why You Should Consider Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

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A significant benefit of metal roofing for residential applications is the vast selection of styles and materials available. A few customer favorites include copper and tin, straight and shingled. While the possibilities are truly endless, finding the best material for your unique requirements can be a bit overwhelming. Here is a brief rundown on one of the most common residential roofing installations here at Marquis Roofing – standing seam metal roof installation.


A closer look at standing seam metal roof installation components.

Considered one the best choices for residential roofing, a standing seam metal roof is also one of the most popular. The interlocking panels are held together at the seams by a movable clip. This clip locks the metal panels in place and provides superior features when you consider New England weather.

Facing extreme hots and cold, roofs must handle the freeze/thaw cycle of the seasons. Without such capabilities, your investment may require more TLC and money than you initially anticipated. However, circling back to the movable clips, these elements allow your panels to flex with the elements with no adverse reaction. Thus, you have complete peace of mind that your roof is ready to handle whatever Mother Nature decides to through our way.


standing seam metal roof


Of course, that is not all.

While peace of mind is a priceless feature, metal roofs provide even more with these additional benefits:

  • Painted finishes that protect the metal from wear and tear to ensure the most extended use possible.
  • Superior durability offers homeowners one of the best warranties in the industry.
  • Fade-resistant features to minimize, if not eliminate, the need for color maintenance.
  • Minimal maintenance is required when it comes to metal roofs.



Marquis Roofing is a leading expert in metal roof installation. Whether residential or commercial, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are in the most experienced hands and have the best warranty in the industry.

For more information on standing seam roofs, please contact Marquis Roofing today by calling (603) 764-7059.

Customer Reviews

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I am so happy with Marquis Roofing!! Tom made sure that my roof was finished on time. Tom had the best prices by far. The crew was awesome and their work was A+ and not to mention their speed was off the chart.. The crew was like a well oiled machine. The crew cleaned everything up and made it look they were never there. The roof looks fantastic!! Thank You Tom!

Darleen Turner

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Amazing crew, showed up on time got it done a day earlier than promised. Property looks like they were be very there other than the beautiful brand new roof. Totally fair price too. It is very difficult to find reliable contractors in the lakes region. They were a breath of fresh air. You cannot go wrong with Marquis.

Jeremy Crane

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They did a great job. Called had a quote immediately and they were there within a week to give me a new roof. Looks great. Other than a new roof you wouldn’t even know they were there. They did not ruin any of the flower beds around the house. The workers at my house were not only efficient but very kind and pleasant. I would highly recommend them.

JoAnne Fontaine

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I am very happy with my new roof. The Marquis Roofing crew had the old roof mostly stripped and prepped for the new one on the first day. They worked hard through the cold weather and got the job done quickly and professionally. I have had neighbors stopping by to compliment me on it already.

Dave Denoncourt