Considerations When Choosing a Roof Color


July 27, 2022

If you’re installing a new roof on your home or business, you may have already chosen the shape and style of the roof, the materials, and even the roofing contractor who will install the roof. You’re good to go…right? Not yet. You haven’t chosen a color for the roof. Does it matter? Yes, it does!

There are a variety of factors that can be influenced by your choice of roof color. These include:

Curb appeal. Of course, you want your home to look nice. Everyone does. If you resell the home in the future, you want it to sell quickly for a maximum price. So pay attention to how the roof will look from the street and the yard. You may want to consider the color of the home or building’s siding. Is it a warm tone or a cool tone? Consider matching or contrasting the roof color to the siding. A warm-colored building with a cool-toned roof may look odd. Remember you may be living with the roof you choose for up to 20 years. Take the time to consider carefully so you can be happy with your choice for that time. 

Climate. The climate you live in should also inform your choice of roof color. If you live in a hot and sunny region, you may wish to go with a lighter color for roof shingles.  Lighter-colored shingles tend to reflect the sun and darker shingles soak up the sun’s rays.  If snow and ice are the norms in your region, consider choosing a darker shingle that will soak up the limited winter sun and keep your home or building warm naturally. Darker shingles can also help hasten the melting of snow and ice off of the roof in the wintertime. 

Matching the building’s style. If you have an older home or building, you may be looking to match the style of the dwelling. Today’s roof shingles are constructed from high-tech materials and processes that make them reliable, durable, and affordable. While you want the performance of a high-tech roof, you can also have the style of a more traditional roof. Many homeowners choose dark grey or black roof shingles in varying shades to mimic the look of natural slate tiles, for example, or reddish shingles to create the look of adobe.

Tree overhang. Trees are lovely around a building, but tree debris can leave stains on a light-colored roof. If fallen leaves build up on the house in the fall, your roof may be more prone to vegetation stains, in which case you may wish to choose a darker roof shingle color that won’t show stains as visibly.

Choose a Reputable Roofing Contractor

If you’re uncertain what color will suit your home or building, consult with your roofing company. Marquis Roofing is a professional, experienced, and insured roofing contractor, with over 20 years of experience in New Hampshire roofing. Services include residential roofing, commercial roofing, asphalt shingles, metal, and flat roofing. Our team of professionals provides roof replacements, roof cleaning, and roof repair throughout Southern New Hampshire, in the Nashua/Manchester/Concord region, up through Central NH and the Lakes Region, and we have now expanded into Massachusetts. For more information or an estimate, visit our website or call 603-463-0219.

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