Preparing Your Roof for Winter


November 8, 2022

Inspecting and maintaining your roof can help you prevent a problem or catch it before it gets too serious. Addressing an issue in the early stages can be a lot easier and a lot less expensive than a major repair or roof replacement. Here are some steps you should take every year to get your roof ready for winter.

Clean the Roof and Gutters

Debris that’s sitting on the surface of your roof might not seem like a problem, but it can turn into one. If the roof is covered with leaves and they get wet from snow, moisture can damage the roof. Twigs and branches that are scattered on the roof and get blown around can scratch the shingles or make them come loose. 

Gutters are supposed to carry water and melted snow from the roof to another, more desirable location. If the gutters are clogged with leaves, pine needles, and other debris, water can flow over the sides of the gutters and damage the siding, foundation, and landscaping. Clogged gutters can also cause ice dams to form in the winter. The weight of an ice dam can damage the gutters and the roof.

Trim Trees Near Your House 

During the winter, strong winds, as well as the weight of snow and ice, can cause tree branches to fall. Branches that hang over your roof are hazards that need to be addressed before winter arrives. If a limb comes crashing down, it can leave a gaping hole in the roof and seriously injure members of your family. Hire a professional tree service to inspect the trees in your yard and prune them, if necessary.

Check the Roof for Damage

Inspecting your roof in the fall can allow you to spot a problem while there’s still time to get it fixed before winter. Look for damaged or missing shingles, large amounts of shingle granules in the gutters, areas where the roof appears to be sagging, and damaged flashing around the chimney and pipes. If you see any signs of a problem, have your roof repaired before water leaks in and damages your roof and your home’s interior. 

Even if you’re diligent when conducting your own roof inspection, you might not detect an issue in its early stages. An experienced roofer knows how to spot subtle signs of a problem. 

Marquis Roofing has a team of certified professionals who can inspect your roof, note any issues, and make whatever repairs are necessary to prepare your roof for winter. We’ve been serving New Hampshire and Massachusetts homeowners for over 15 years. Contact us today to schedule a roof inspection. 

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